Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interviews, again

We are back to interviews, again.  Because of our Christmas
conference and being all together in two meetings, we were
not able to do the traditional interviews, so in January we try and
catch up and travel to each zone and interview all the missionaries.
I did a major "after the holidays" treat dump.   I took samples of my candies
and cookies, that I made for Christmas, to the interviews and let them all 
have a taste.  That way I wouldn't end up eating it all myself.  And I would have.
For my portion of the interview, I asked them to pick a treat, funny but
all but about 3 chose a candy over a candy cane, go figure.
I then told them, the candy was for them to enjoy but the candy cane was
symbolic.  I asked them to share with me a person that had made a difference in 
their lives, not counting Mom and Dad.  A lot of the examples were
amazing and very touching.  So many people had a hand in getting
these missionaries out into the field.  I really enjoyed our visits.
Then I told them to take what these people did for them and 
"pay it forward", do something significant for someone else.
Significant enough that that person will have the desire to do something
nice for someone else and themselves "pay it forward".
The candy cane is a reminder, so they won't forget to do it.
This elder brought his own give-a-way, a
1 kg candy bar.  He offered it up to the cleanest car.

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