Saturday, January 7, 2012

January ZLC

Christmas is over and the children have all gone home,
now it's back to work.  Our first zone leader council of 2012!
Back to my blocks, I love my blocks
(notice my little forget-me-not statue on the right, thank you Patti)
Today I served a chili bar for lunch, not a potato bar, but a chili bar.
I offered chips or baked potatoes,
smothered in chili.  I made two pot fulls, the one on the left is regular
and the one on the right is gluten free.  I'm getting pretty good at this.
Good lookin' chili.  
We have a few new zone leaders.  They all seemed to enjoy the food.
President tried something new in training today and he took pictures for me.
Role play or real play we like to call it, practice and re-practice.
They learn, so they can take it to their zones and teach their missionaries.

Our wonderful zone leaders. 
It's amazing, a lot of these missionaries have joined us in the mission
since we've arrived, in context, they're just babies.

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