Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fond Farewell

Today we went to transfer meeting.  The pictures we took 
yesterday didn't turn out so well, so we took them again.
I took treats for the new trainers and it was fun to see the new
missionaries meet their new companions.
We had a wonderful transfer meeting, with testimonies from the
out going missionaires.  And a beautiful song, upon my request,
from a few of the elders going home.
nice companion ties
We had a delicious lunch for the out going, I made pepper beef
sandwiches, had orange chips, orange frog eye and

orange buns. . . of course!
would you expect anything different
and frog eye salad complete with spiders
Next time we need to hide the markers!
We are trying something new, we had a bigger lunch and
then we had snacks for dinner, they seemed to like it.
It was kind of like a mini open house of mine, we enjoyed
mozzarella sticks, little weinies, grapes, carrots (orange),
Patti's bean dip with chips, green pepper jelly with crackers, 
taquitos and lemonade.   I didn't even have anything, not hungry.
But I made sure we had a yummy dessert, chocolate layered
yum, decorated to look like a graveyard.  That I had.
A fond farewell to a few of Canada's best, we will
miss you.

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