Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Yeah Packers, thanks for giving Courtney an awesome
Halloween cereal, "Boo" berry for Boo, get it?
and jack 'o lanterns! Courtney's is the one on the right,
yea, it's the bathroom men and women's sign, holding hands.
Our Halloween was quiet and uneventful, not exactly the way I
like to spend my holidays.  I miss not making haunted gingerbread
houses, carving pumpkins, hosting a murder mystery or making Mom's 
homemade donuts.  We did give out treats, Chris manned the door so I
could enjoy Young Frankenstein and we saw over 125 trick or treaters and
three dogs. . .in costumes. . . oh brother!
We did have a month of watching Halloween movies, we watched
The Ring, Addams Family, The Others, The Haunting, Hocus Pocus, 
The Grudge, The Village, IT and The Haunting in Connecticut.

1 comment:

  1. Okay so we didn't watch any Halloween movies os that is awesome that you got to see so many! Secondly, Courtney totally copied my pumpkin that I carved the week before! And its just supposed to be a couple holding hands but now I do see the bathroom sign in it a bit. Ha ha.