Friday, October 7, 2011


It has been a crazy couple of months, so we are so looking
forward to a little R and R.
The day after we got the elders and Sister Hayes to the airport,
we packed a bag and headed back to Jasper.  We look forward 
to taking pictures, trying some new restaurants, and maybe
 going to some new places we haven't been to before.
Driving into the park we came across this impressive scene.
This huge bull elk was crossing the river.  We stopped the
car, jumped out and took pictures.  He looked so amazing.
Then he slowly climbed out of the water,
shook off,
and scratched. . . both sides.  He could care less who was watching.
We stayed until all the other cars had packed up and left.
One car of young asians pulled up, got out of the car, watched him 
for a minute, looked over at me and asked in very broken english,
Our vacation was short lived, late that night we had a 
call from some elders who were trying to destroy each other
and so the next morning, after getting no sleep, we packed up our
things and drove back home.  Chris wanted me to stay and he would
come back, but I couldn't see me staying there for 8 hours without a 
car and him driving eight hours alone.
Maybe next year.

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