Friday, March 30, 2012

The "Ledge"

Our next destination, "the ledge".  We discovered things we've never
seen before and we've been there a dozen times.
First the girls had to pose in the large, now empty, wading pool
with the magnificent building in the background.
Now just the girls a little closer.
Tough guys, or girls, or whatever!
Our cute Courtney, she's such the perfect model.
Only the second time I've been "in" the ledge, first time for the girls.
Beautiful architecture,
royal flags,
radical rotunda,
sweeping stairs,
shiny elevators,
and long lonely hallways.
They are having a special anniversary celebration for the queen.
You can write a special message and leave it for her.
Our cute Courtney's on the spiral staircase.
We finally discovered what's in the tunnels down below the "ledge".
There is a wall of ducks, 
Courtney liked this one.
This is a very large map of Alberta, carved into the wall.
Courtney liked the three large grain storage facilities carved into the cement.
Alberta's provincial bird, the great horned owl
I don't know how they got this airplane down in the tunnel, 
it's kind of a tight fit, ha ha.
look for the bear necessities

what you lookin' at?
This is a replica of the legislature building made completely out
of Lego's, 200,000 of them, to be exact.
Not a bad interpretation complete with light posts, flowers, trees
and bushes.
Everything looked really good, until you turned the corner. . .
and there they were, Darth Vader and the stormtroopers. Ugh!
This is awesome, I want to build something like this.
I even spotted Harry Potter in one of the second story
 windows, all the way from Hogwarts.
Courtney crawled under the bridge, in the summer
there is water that flows underneath.
I took this picture with my little camera, I think it turned out
really good, senior pictures good.  Of course the subject matter helps.
Courtney decided to roll underneath the bridge, she said it was a lot
easier when there was water flowing under it in the summer.
This is her jacket afterward, silly girl.

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