Friday, March 23, 2012

New Towns!

We visited two new towns today. 
 We needed to make a delivery to an elder, so we got in
 the car and headed out of town on a new adventure.
The elders we went to see are serving in Wainwright, the city of Bison,
apparently.  We have had a ball taking pictures of all the "welcome to"
signs.  I take them for my blog and Chris takes them for his "incoming,
outgoing" video.  It works out for both of us.
This is what we found when we got into town.  Looks like a wild
under water growth of some kind, like brown algae.  
It's slush that has splashed up on the side of the car and frozen
at an angle.  The weird thing is, it is frozen going at an angle 
toward the front of the car, instead of frozen at an angle going 
toward the back of the car, very strange, wouldn't you say?
It looked pretty creepy.  Like little life forms.
We passed through Tofield on the way home.  We didn't know
Tofield was out this way.  It's the sister city to Vegreville, with
the giant Ukrainian egg.  We always head out there a completely
different way.  We learn something new everyday.
I'm not sure what their "viewpoint" is though.  Not much to see.

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  1. Okay so the brown stuff on the car is SOOO creepy! We had that when we drove home after Thanksgiving 2010. It looked so gross! We stopped and washed it off before getting home because it really is disgusting looking! It is cool that the direction is strange on it though.