Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last night was prom, something Courtney has waited 
for, for over two years.  And it was all worth it.
She looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress, with her
 hair and makeup.
Heather drove her down to Grandma's to let her see 
her baby granddaughter.  Not such a baby any more.
She started the day off early with breakfast and a trip to
Crystal Springs for some tubing and swimming.
Then she came home, got cleaned up and went to have
her hair done by a professional and her make up done
by her sister, just as good as a professional.
We were able to Skype with her when her date came to
pick her up, she looked beautiful and he looked very
handsome.  They went to Barker Park and had pictures
taken by Heather and Brad, then off to dinner at
Jasoh and next to the prom at the Union Station!
Oh, what a night, what a fabulous night.

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