Sunday, May 5, 2013

Red Deer, Kentwood Chapel

Today we drove to Red Deer and spoke in their stake conference.
(our last stake conference)
I remembered I've never taken a picture of their building, so I did.
Actually Chris took it for me while I was changing into my speaking dress.
Lovely building, but the picture is too little too late, they begin construction
on it tomorrow, to make it larger.  They are literally shoving the entire middle
section back.  Making the chapel and gym bigger and adding on a new relief 
society and primary room.  We were told that they have to pretty much tear the
whole thing down because there are support beams that will have to be moved.
They announced that it would take over a year, so we will never see it completed.
The good news is that they are growing, the bad news, they will have to drive
to Lacombe and the Bower chapel for their meetings, for over a year. Eww!

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