Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Second To Last

Today we are picking up our second to last group of missionaries,
They flew through Denver and landed right on time.   They are in 
customs, and we are anxiously waiting to meet each of them.

We welcomed 8 new sisters and 4 new elders. 
  We will keep all the sisters at the mission home and the elders will
stay with the assistants for the night.
We had lunch at the stake center and then went back to the mission
home for interviews, supper and a short fireside.
Afterwards, I served up Tim Hortons donuts and nanimo bars, YUM!
When the new missionaries arrive, I have them do a few things.
First, they fill out a little information page for me, this tells me a little 
about them, likes, dislikes, favorites etc.
Second, I show them what Canadian money looks like and share
a few Canadian words that might be helpful along the way.
Third, I have them write a hand written letter to their families.
I put a little sticker on the back and they address the front.
Don't forget the U.S.A. at the bottom.  We're not in Kansas anymore.

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