Monday, May 13, 2013

Right on Target

Well, they are finally here, the first Target stores to open in Edmonton.
We've had to wait our turn, while they opened the first ones back east.
The openings have been highly anticipated, if by me alone.
I have been so curious as to how the stores will look, be run and
compare to the ones in the states.

The first flyer, yah!!!!
 Very nice.
  And cute things.  You can sort of get an idea of the pricing.
But this, this is something you won't find in the states,
at least in the Utah stores.  Let me explain.  Many of the 
Zeller's stores were two levels, so when Target bought them
out and redeveloped, they kept the two stories.  Making this
little innovation  very necessary. 
Somehow they have to get the shopping carts up and
down the two levels, so they put in this ingenious contraption.

You push the shopping cart, or buggy, as the Canadians 
call them, through the little doors, then the belt catches onto
the cart. . . .

and up it goes.  Then you hop on the escalator
and follow it to the top.
Then when you're done perusing the departments on the upper
level, you bring it down the same way.
On the opposite side.
Not a bad invention.   We were very entertained, sat and
watched people go up and down for several minutes.
We'd shop there for the entertainment value alone.
Not really.  We didn't buy much and didn't spend much time
there, too excited to get back and shop the ones at home instead.
Better prices and I won't have to figure out a way to get it home.

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  1. That is so cool! Smart people there at Target!