Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today we drove to Wainwright, buffalo capital of Canada.
This is a statue of one of the mighty buffalo.
Isn't he majestic.
See, I told you.  Buffalo, bison, same difference.
We've been invited to speak in sacrament meeting in Wainwright,
on Mother's Day.  Yeah, happy mother's day to me.
We did get a picture of the building to add to our collection.
The meeting went very well, it's just a small branch, but we have 
the Jolley's, a senior couple from Idaho and two elders.  
Elder Campbell and Elder Smith.
The Jolley's left church early to serve us lunch.  They had a delicious
meal fixed for us and the elders.  Chicken, potatoes and homemade
rolls that were to die for.  I just have to get Sister Jolley's recipe.
They were sooo good, I wanted more but I made myself stop at three,
or was it four, so good!
We took a little detour to take a closer look at this amazing bridge.
It was beautiful and one of the largest trestle bridges in western Canada.
We would have loved to see a train go across, but we couldn't wait
around all day.
So I took a few pictures and then we were on our way.
It's part of the fun of seeing new places.  Seeing new things that we've 
never seen before and taking the time to enjoy them.
It was a good mother's day and we were able to Skype with most of
our children.  It's great being a mom, to all 345 of them.

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