Monday, August 29, 2011


Welcome to the border town of Lloydminster,
the red towers indicate the border between the two provinces
Not real showy but better than nothing.  You always
expect to see a dotted line running down the road,
just like on the maps.
See, I told you.

 more beautiful flowers
they are everywhere
These flags were cool, the yellow and green
one is Saskatchewan's provincial flag, the
middle one is Canada's becoming the official flag
in 1965, just ask any of our missionaries.
And the blue one is Alberta's provincial flag.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


This weekend we traveled out to Vermilion to speak in church.
Vermilion is about 2 hours east of Sherwood Park.
They have a beautiful little building where the branch meets.
We enjoyed speaking in their sacrament meeting.
There were 8 brethren in Priesthood and 6 sisters in 
Relief Society.  They have a basketball hoop in the 
primary room, cool!
We took some pictures on our way out of town

We found this sign accidentally, while we were trying
to find something else.
Welcome to Mayberry,
beautiful little town, look at the stunning hanging flowers.
Then we drove another half hour to Lloydminster,
it's the farthest eastern city in our mission
and it's right on the border of Saskatchewan.
It's the border city or Alberta and Saskatchewan.