Friday, March 29, 2013


We went shopping at the mall today, to look for me an
 Easter dress and to just get away for a minute.
I guess it wasn't enough to relieve the stress.  When we
got out to the car, and in the light we noticed this.
Chris had gotten ready that morning and when we left the
house, he grabbed the wrong suit coat for the pants he had
on.  I thought we were going to split a gut, we laughed so hard.
Major stress comes with this calling, it's just part of the job.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

While we were at the Southgate Mall today,
we happened across this photo op with the Easter Bunny.
There was a huge line, waiting to get a picture with the happy soul.

Chris and I both looked at each other and had the exact same thought
as we watched.  That is not a photography job we'd want to tackle.
Way too hard!

World's Largest

We had to stop and take a picture of the "world's largest"
shoes, outside the Southgate Mall.
We pass by them frequently but have never taken the opportunity 
to get a good picture.
Well, now I have.  I'm not sure about them, don't know why they're
there, in front of the mall, maybe something to do with shopping.
I tried google and no one seems to know a reason why they
chose shoes and stockings, made out of bricks, no less.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome, 18 & 19 Year Olds

We get to pick up a new group of missionaries today, one of three
groups left for us to welcome to the mission.
 They are here, 30 minutes delayed, but here.  See how our incoming
days go, they are supposed to be here at 11:23, didn't get in 'til 12:03
and at 12:35, we are still waiting for them to come out of customs.
 Nice sunny day, things are melting and slushy, but still very cold.
Time to get our new missionaries luggage into the trailer.
 Lots and lots of luggage,
 it's amazing that they can get their lives into three pieces of luggage
and a backpack.

 It's always fun to greet them, and they always seem so thrilled to 
finally be here, in the "field".

 After lunch and office training at the stake center, we head back to the 
mission home for interviews and more training. 

 After supper and a fireside, we introduce the newcomers to
the wonderful world of Tim Horton's donuts.
 They even had special ones for Easter, so festive.

What a special day, and after hours and hours of meeting and
talking and eating and paper work and interviewing and more
eating and singing and testifying, it is time to say goodnight.
The elders are off to the assistants apartment for the night and the
sisters will stay the night at the mission home, downstairs in the
bunk beds, at this point, they are so tired, I don't think they really
care where they sleep.  It has been a glorious day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Hundred Days

And the count down begins, 
 as of today, we have 100 days left until our service is over.
100 days and counting.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

March Zone Conference

Zone Conferences have come around once again,
good news, bad news, 
good news, we only have one more round of zone conferences to go,
bad news, we only have one more round of zone conferences to go.

The sisters in Millwoods made these wonderful candy centerpieces for
our lunch today.  They had scriptures attached to the base and the candy
was our dessert, cute idea.

I don't know why I find this so fascinating,
but I love the missionaries winter coats, all hung up in a row.
One of our elders has a new baby sister,
he brought pictures to interviews to show us.  He didn't even know his
mother was expecting a new baby until about a month ago.  I guess
she was trying to surprise him.  Isn't she darling!

Picture time again, but not until after Elder Stevens tried his hand
at the tablecloth trick, he failed of course.  Water everywhere!
Ed North Stake flew Elder and Sister Garrett down for stake conference,
it just happened to be the weekend after our zone conference, so I suggested
that they bring them down a few days early from Yellowknife, let them 
experience a zone conference, go to the temple, do a little shopping,
so they did.  They had to get a picture on their iPad.

Then onto Grande Prairie, the final conference for this round.
Their favorite is fish bowl, the teams, "The Glorious 6" and "Team Rocky".
Looks like The Glorious 6 is taking the lead.

A scripture question is posed, they are getting harder and harder
Such a small zone, everyone gets involved.
Team Rocky is catching up and narrowing the lead.
Time for lunch, they put out quite the spread.
Tacos, with ALL the trimmings.  Looks so good.
They ate and ate to their hearts desire.

Time for the shiny shoe contest, well, will you just look at those
shiny shoes.  Some more so than others.
The ceiling fan had a protective cage around it, for obvious basketball
reasons, but the elders were joking about putting kids up there during
meetings, they think they are so funny.

And that is the end of that.
Six more zone conferences to go this June and then we are done.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Mexican Food

We were in Red Deer this week for interviews and zone conference.
While we were packing up our things after interviews, the conversation
turned to mexican food, good mexican food.  Something that is unheard
of here in Canada.  Well, Elder Vega, a true Californian told me about
a restaurant in town that he swears by.  Says it is really good, as good as
anything he's had up here.  Maybe not quite as good as back home, but close.
I asked Chris if he'd like to give it a try, and he excitedly said "yes"!
So I got the address and we went straight there.  We were tired and 
hungry.  We looked over the menu and both decided on the same thing,
chicken enchiladas.  And this is what we were served. (above)
It looked perfect, just like something we'd be served back home at
Javier's or El Matador, even down to the plate.  Was it as good?
Well . . . . .
Chris liked it, as for me, I think I'll just wait until I get back home.

Friday, March 8, 2013

82nd Ave.

I took the girls down to Whyte Ave, to let them walk around and
see some of the unique shoppes.
It was freezing, but we found a good parking spot and just walked
around a little bit.  The sun was glorious.
A metal sculpture in front fo the Tin Box store.
We found this amazing painting on the front of a utility box.
The girls in front of, "When Pigs Fly".  One of my favorite places.
See, the sun is very shiny!
That night they had a little fun before they packed up to go home.
Courtney had been given this bottle of "glow in the dark" bubbles from
Bryce, she actually gave them to him when he had surgery and he
hadn't used them and was leaving for his mission, so he gave them back.
They carefully read the directions, added the secret pouch,
and gently stirred.
 Voila, it worked!  Then the fun began.
First, they tried it outside, but it was too light to see, so then they
brought it in and blew the bubbles in the house.  It worked, all over
the floor, it worked.  Chris suggested it, so the girls were down with it.
It cleaned up really easily, but it was great to see it on their socks,
pants, hands and feet.  Very cool.
The girls would like to be up and on their way by 4:00 AM, we'll see
if they get to bed and get any sleep.  Not ready to say goodbye.
But we've had a blast!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

We woke up this morning, and surprise, it's Easter.
Or at least it is, in our house.  We had to fit it all in.
That evening, the girls all dressed up and we went to Montana's 
for Courtney's birthday dinner, she wanted ribs.
Looks pretty good, all-you-can-eat too!
How is that tiny thing going to eat all that meat? 
 Plus more, if she wants it.
The girls had a great time using the crayons and drawing on the tablecloth
paper.  Love the moose (Courtney O's), Happy Birthday wish and 
"we are from Utah" declaration.  We have some talent at our table.

Haley made sure the waitress knew what we were celebrating, she
wanted to see what they do for birthdays at Montana's.  Of course
we already knew, but she didn't believe us.  
Yep, that's right, they bring this awful moose head, place it on your
head (who knows how many filthy heads have worn this) and you
wear it while they "loudly" sing to the birthday girl.  It was great,
she was a very good sport and the girls loved it.
The moose head and singing didn't deter her at all, "look Mom, 
all gone".  She finished the first rack of ribs and ordered a second
half order.  Not bad for our petite little daughter.  
We were blessed to have three daughters with us tonight.   
Courtney, Courtney and Haley.  What a wonderful visit we are having.
They couldn't resist revealing the message that yes, they were from
Utah, and yes, we have fry sauce.  Nanny, nanny!
Another cute Canadian moose, how do I know it's a Canadian?
Because he has a maple leaf tail and speaks Canadian, Eh?
We had a wonderful evening together.  Good company, good food.

Happy Easter!

We started the day by decorating easter eggs, I told the girls that they 
wanted to. They were very willing to cooperate with my silly plans.
They jumped right in and started to get very clever.
I had already boiled the eggs, so they each grabbed a cooked, white 
egg and began the process of creating greatness.

Such a poser!
Now they're all posing.

It's not rocket science Courtney, pick a color and dunk!
So cute, smiling for Chris, don't they look awesome?
And the process begins.
A few of the finished product.

Courtney O, spent all morning curling Courtney's hair, looks
gorgeous I know.
Now they're getting a little more clever.

The girls with their finished, colorful, easter eggs.
Courtneys went a little crazy with the stickers found in the egg dying kit.
After the eggs were done, I made some of them into deviled eggs for our
easter picnic, which we ate in our pretend park.  It's hard to picnic outside
with a foot of snow still on the ground.
We had hot dogs, deviled eggs, chips, flavored lemonade,
and frog eye salad, Yum!
After our dinner out at Montana's, we came back to the house to
find that the easter bunny had been there while we were gone.
The girls combed the house to find the treats that had been left.
I only had to help with a few that they struggled to find.
Haley's looking everywhere.
They each found a plateful to enjoy and take home.