Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Signs of Fall

We attended a district meeting at the Millwoods Stake Center,
look, more signs of autumn,
I love the word "autumn"
I love that we actually are seeing an autumn this year, last year 
the leaves turned and two days later they dropped and were gone.
This has been an exceptional fall.  I'm trying to enjoy every minute.
Another tender mercy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grande Cache

After zone conferences were done and all wrapped up,
we needed to rest our souls and our brains.
So we took the long way home.
Mountains and fall leaves,
I've waited 15 months for this.
my hand at photography
I'm as bad as Chris, I'm always giving him a hard time about taking pictures
of "weeds",  the camera never does do the real scenery justice. 
 But his was so pretty.
100 miles south of Grande Prairie we drove into the tiny town of
Grande Cache, we stopped at the visitors center and took in
the sights.
These are lookouts from years past,
an awesome canoe hollowed out of a tree, 

and this real cool teepee, I think it's some sort of warming shed.
This is called a winter cache, hence the name of the town,
this is where the trappers would keep their furs and meat,
in cabins on stilts, away from the animals.
A summer cache was a little more simple.

Add a large piece of glass and this would make the most magnificent coffee table 
This is the joining of the Sulfur River and the Smoky River,
this is the Smoky River and the Sulfur River was pristine blue,
and when they meet, the two colors swirl together.
Look what my camera can do, panoramic!
and another.  If you look closely, you can see the look out in the 
top left hand corner, about two inches in, just before the blue sky.
This is the picture that shows the two rivers meeting,
in the top left hand corner, just below the yellow trees in the shadow
of the huge rock wall.
Look how milky the water looks.

Tim Horton's What!

The morning we were leaving town,
we came across the Tim Horton phenomenon.
This was a little Tim's on the outskirts of town,
and there were no less than 25 cars in line, at the drive up window.
Say Tim Horton's What!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Old Bridge

The next leg in our adventure.  President Cherwak
told us of a wonderful suspension bridge.  Should we?
Why not!
This was a cool tee pee along the way.
Not sure it's purpose, but it was impressive.
Now this bridge, it was something else.
it made the entire valley picturesque  

awe inspiring
out in the middle of nowhere, why here, why this type of structure
it fits right in with the turning leaves and the scenery

Feels just like San Francisco.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We drove up to Grande Prairie for zone conference and decided to take 
the time to drive around and see some of the famous sites.
This is Beaverlodge, the missionaires love Beaverlodge.
It's this huge beaver, perched on top of a large piece of wood.
Everyone takes a picture of the front, but I decided to 
take a picture of the tail, it is a beaver after all.
While we were this far, we decided to drive to the 
British Columbia border, then we could say we'd been in
two provinces in one day.  Neat!
This is the "cute" little guy that welcomes you to the border.
Another, "best place on earth".
On the right, B.C.
And on the left, Alberta, ta da.

Finally, beautiful changing fall leaves.

Driving back to Beaverlodge.  What a great day.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  Love you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Only in the church!

As you know, they are working on the Edmonton Temple,
doing some renovating.
Only in the church would you find a sign like this.
I found it hilarious, 
good for the church.