Friday, November 30, 2012

Poinsettia Palace

We used one of our last attraction coupons
and went to the Muttart Conservatory for their
special poinsettia display.  I've heard about this 
for months.  I was very excited.
This tree of poinsettias adorned the entry way.
Then we ventured into the four pyramids, each representing a 
different eco systems.
This is a rare breed, you seldom get a glance at one of these.
I've never seen so many different and unique leaves.

These are the "Grinch" inspired leaves.

These have a furry effect,
and I simple loved this orange tree.
Fancy leaves,
yellow dots,
leaves that look like fans,
beautiful shades of green with a little bird with wings in the middle.
And this, well this doesn't even look real,
it's hard to believe a tree can even grow like this,
not to mention the trunk that looks like this.
Leaves from Jurassic Park,
with gigantic seed pods hanging from them.

Mini pineapples, I was told once how they grew,
but for some reason, I didn't realize they grew like this, above ground.

Dainty little leaf bundles

I have never seen so many different leaves, shapes and sizes.
Then we moved into the arid eco system pyramid.
Lots of cactus, thorns,
gorgeous yellow flowering cactus,
wise men,
Wise Men?  That's right, wise men and only wise men.
This plant was a little creepy, if you look very closely, it either looks
like it's braided boondoggle or there are dozens of little green snakes.
The petals of this unique plant are actually gray.
These cactus are so perfect they look fake.
As you wander through, you come to realize that God is real,
every plant screams it, who could ever create such beautiful 
stateliness, except a person of perfection.
Now this tree had help, they've put a rod up the middle
to make it grow like this.  It too looks like "The Grinch".
charming traditional english holly
Then the pyramid we've been anxiously waiting to see,
it was enchanting and magical from the very first view.
nutcrackers and poinsettias,
poinsettias and nutcrackers
poinsettias of every color
nutcrackers of every size
and right in the center of the room, a spectacular tree made
entirely of red poinsettias.

They stated that there were over 40 different varieties of poinsettias,
and these were stacked gifts representing the gifts from the nutcracker

I set up my camera with a timer and took this rare picture
of the two of us together.
These pictures were on display in the foyer, they are actual shots
of real snowflakes, they were incredible.
Incredible and breathtaking, again, can you deny that God is in charge?