Thursday, September 22, 2011


We drove up to Grande Prairie for zone conference and decided to take 
the time to drive around and see some of the famous sites.
This is Beaverlodge, the missionaires love Beaverlodge.
It's this huge beaver, perched on top of a large piece of wood.
Everyone takes a picture of the front, but I decided to 
take a picture of the tail, it is a beaver after all.
While we were this far, we decided to drive to the 
British Columbia border, then we could say we'd been in
two provinces in one day.  Neat!
This is the "cute" little guy that welcomes you to the border.
Another, "best place on earth".
On the right, B.C.
And on the left, Alberta, ta da.

Finally, beautiful changing fall leaves.

Driving back to Beaverlodge.  What a great day.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  Love you.

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