Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Zone Conference

We just completed zone conferences, it took us all month, but
we did it.  Yeah!
This zone conference during my interview with the missionaires,
I gave them a trivia quiz about Canadian facts.  I figure, their living
in the country, they should know somethings about it.
So they took the quiz, I graded it and then gave them a taste of Canada.
Above left, ketchup chips, above right, Nanaimo Bars.
l to r-maple leaf cookies, banana marshmallows, neapolitan marshmallows 
Mind over matter, during fish bowl, 
Edmonton North Zone, they put all the appointments 
on the board and inspirational messages.

Some of the questions:
What is Alberta's provincial flower?
When did Alberta become a province?
When was the loonie and toonie introduced?
Approximately how many lakes are there in Canada?
Orangina, a wonderful drink we've discovered, only in Canada!
And of course my homemade peanut blossoms.
Cleaning out the pantry, I bring it, they take it, randomness. 
"look ma, no hands"
companion ties
the brightest green tie I've ever seen
These were worn as companion ties in a 
zone where everyone else wore purple,
you might say they were being contrary.

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