Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Far West, Liberty, Independence

This morning we met in the front lobby and boarded the bus,
we are going on a little church tour.
This is the gorgeous country side, flat, but still American beautiful.
This is the new Kansas City Missouri Temple, currently
being built, virtually out in the middle of nowhere.
This is a new stake center being built next door to the temple.
And this, is the temple presidents brand new home, oh
to have a brand new home to live in.
(still wouldn't make it any easier living away from home)
This temple reminds me of the Brigham City Temple being built 
back in Utah, according to the pictures I've seen on line.
Enjoy the following photos. . . .

I liked this one

This is a painted water tower, advertising the amusement
park across the street.
The Missouri River
This is the temple site, purchased for the building of the
Independence Missouri Temple
The spire of the reorganized church's temple,
there's no comparison if you ask me.
Meet our group of missionary friends and family.
the corner stone for the Independence Temple
"our" visitors center

our dear bus driver, 
they're not usually members, and 
I always wonder what they think or feel when they
hear the tour guide talk about the history of our church.

another river

The burial place of Oliver Cowdery, unless his remains washed down
the road in a flood many years ago. (rumors)

a gnarly tree

We've been here before, but the sites and spirit is amazing
every time.

This was amazing the first time we visited, years ago,
the Historic Liberty Jail is enclosed in a building.

what a terrible ordeal these men went through,
I can't even imagine
we owe so much to our first modern day prophet, Joseph

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