Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grande Cache

After zone conferences were done and all wrapped up,
we needed to rest our souls and our brains.
So we took the long way home.
Mountains and fall leaves,
I've waited 15 months for this.
my hand at photography
I'm as bad as Chris, I'm always giving him a hard time about taking pictures
of "weeds",  the camera never does do the real scenery justice. 
 But his was so pretty.
100 miles south of Grande Prairie we drove into the tiny town of
Grande Cache, we stopped at the visitors center and took in
the sights.
These are lookouts from years past,
an awesome canoe hollowed out of a tree, 

and this real cool teepee, I think it's some sort of warming shed.
This is called a winter cache, hence the name of the town,
this is where the trappers would keep their furs and meat,
in cabins on stilts, away from the animals.
A summer cache was a little more simple.

Add a large piece of glass and this would make the most magnificent coffee table 
This is the joining of the Sulfur River and the Smoky River,
this is the Smoky River and the Sulfur River was pristine blue,
and when they meet, the two colors swirl together.
Look what my camera can do, panoramic!
and another.  If you look closely, you can see the look out in the 
top left hand corner, about two inches in, just before the blue sky.
This is the picture that shows the two rivers meeting,
in the top left hand corner, just below the yellow trees in the shadow
of the huge rock wall.
Look how milky the water looks.

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