Saturday, September 17, 2011

Homecoming 2011!

It's homecoming week in North Ogden,
Weber High School's 2011 Homecoming!
Courtney has waited a year for this night,
and she looked beautiful.
I was able to be there on skype while she got ready.
I watched her curl her hair, apply her make-up and
then she tucked herself away in her room and put on her dress.
Up to this point I hadn't seen the dress yet, she had just
told me about it.
So needless to say when I saw the entire package, I cried.
Drew and Courtney,  
she was so excited when Drew asked her, like
I said before, she's waited for this moment for over a year.
Heather and Brad took her group's pictures, they turned out
so cute, this is her group.
the girls, Chelsie, Courtney, Karlee, and Courtney
I'm so happy for her, it makes the sacrifice so worth it.

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