Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Incoming, November 2011

Another transfer, and we are welcoming in 5 new missionaries. 
They've banned our van from parking curbside at the airport, 
so we are trying something new.  President and I will wait for the missionaries
 to come out of customs, then we will call the assistants, who are parked at 
7-eleven.  They will drive the van over, come in long enough to meet the 
missionaries and then put the luggage in the van and drive the missionaries 
to the office.  Whew!
This group was supposed to arrive at 11:30, 
 but they landed even a little earlier than that.
They are here!
Practicing with my camera to get just the right shot.

Welcome to the cold, the temperature was around -10 centigrade.
Surprisingly, they were still excited to be here.

It's soooo cold outside and they're still hanging around.

From one vehicle to another, that's the way it goes.
The Woodruff's dealing contraband from the
back of their van, hee hee.

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