Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slave Lake

Today we drove the three hours to Slave Lake
to see the fire damage.  We wanted to make the trip
before the snow flies.
This is our first trip to Slave Lake so we had to take a 
picture of their sign.  We are getting quite a collection 
of city signs,  places we've visited.
In case you are unaware of the story, I will bring you up to date.
Last May, our elders serving in the area called President and
informed him that the city was on fire and the entire town was being
 evacuated.  They jumped in their car with very little belongings and headed out, 
along with 7,500 other people.  After all was said and done, our 
missionaries got out safely, 30% of the city burned to the ground
including a car dealership, a few member's homes, the missionaires
apartment and the church building.
They are working on rebuilding as fast as they can.  But
winter is just around the corner.
There are large holes in the ground, where houses used to be,
they've just come along and scooped up what was left of each
burned house.
Here's another one.
Piles of debris, notice the boat propeller on the right.
The really sad part, they just announced this week on the
news that they have proof the fire was deliberately set, it was arson.

What's left of someone's truck.
Acres and acres of charred trees.

Then we drove just outside of town to the lake.
Slave Lake, it's huge.
Cool beach front, feels like Bear Lake.
Except for the snow and ice.
He thinks he can get better pictures.
That is snow along the shoreline and the sand is covered with
 big chunks of ice, I don't know how it washed up so far.
These trees were right along the lake.
He just had to get in my picture. . . . . twice.
The lake goes on forever and ever and the beach is just
as vast.  We're glad we took the time and made the trip.
The government has provided a trailer home for our missionaires,
so we are putting them back up there this transfer.

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