Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving, better late than never

Just because we could, we switched things up a bit.
Because I didn't want to cook all night the first night Courtney
was here, we moved our Thanksgiving dinner to Friday and
took Courtney Christmas shopping Thursday afternoon.
These are the after photos, we cooked all morning
I cooked the perfect turkey and Chris carved? it.
The meat just fell off the bone, actually.
The gravy was good,
I made homemade rolls and sweet rolls just like Vola's.
The meal was complete, dressing, rolls, gravy, pretzel salad,
turkey, candied yams, cranberries and potatoes.
Yum, yum!
What am I thankful for?. . . . .
It was so good to have Courtney with us this Thanksgiving,
we've really missed her.

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