Thursday, November 24, 2011

"You've Got A Friend in Me"

First thing Thursday morning. . . . early, the guys came over
and kidnapped Courtney.
They were taking her over to the mall to see Santa,
but they were off on the time so they went to Nathan's 
and had breakfast and then they came back to our house.
They played with my blocks, they always play with
my blocks.  It did say "Welcome Home Boo"

Now it says, "Travis and Nathan"
They are so confused, clueless and confused.
Hugs all around, or a Courtney sandwich.
True friends, Nathan and Travis, they've always been
good to Courtney.
She's good to them too, she hooked them up to her
muscle stimulator.
And made them feel pain, 
not really, it just made their muscles jump.
She was very happy to see them both,
I told them not to be strangers, come around anytime.

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