Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Smith's

Courtney had to go over and see the Smith family
before she goes back home.  They love her and she loves them.
Today in church they saw her for the first time since 
she's been here, they were so excited.
She was so thrilled to hold Raya, she was just 1 month old
when she left.  Now she smiles like crazy.
"dear" in the headlights
This face is hilarious, she looks like she's smirking.
Then she zonked, so sleepy, so sweet!
Nathan took long enough to say hi, then he went back 
to his computer games.  He was upset because we brought 
Trix cereal but not the box, he wants us to bring the 
box back next time we come.
Keeping their attention long enough to get a picture is like. . . 
Evan was not happy,
This was a great shot.  They are terrific friends,
 they even served us lemon meringue pie, yum!

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