Friday, June 8, 2012

Edmonton Energy

A night out, yeah!
The Edmonton Energy is a semi-pro basketball team
and the Woodruff's were kind enough to get us tickets.

We met them and the Taylor's at the gym.  It was something different
for us, we loved it.  We haven't done anything like this for two years.
This player, number 20, was an awesome shot.  Nothing like
the "Jazz" games we're used to,  but then what is.  (jk)
It was fun to forget about missionary work for a minute, but just one.
Funny fact:  The visiting team only had about eight players, Elder
Woodruff told us that sometimes they won't let all of the players come
over the border, so they only play with part of their team.
There was an awesome drum corps all the way from Jasper performing.
They played several times, I wish they would have played more, 
they were very good.
It was definitely semi-pro, no question.
But they could play, take a look at the final score.

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