Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zone Conference #1

Today we start all over again with zone conferences.
I decided to have a little fun with the missionaries and the upcoming
olympics.  The elders and sisters can't watch but we can have a little
friendly quiz about the past olympics.
Along with my quiz of olympic questions, I had printed up all the
flags that represent the countries our missionaires are from.
There are 12 countries our mission represents, not too bad.
I was more excited about my treats.  I bought mini donuts at the
store and decorated them in the olympic ring colors.
Then I chose various treats from some of the countries that our
missionaries are from.  Fortune cookies from Japan, did you know
that they are not from China, they are really not from Japan either,
they are simply made for American Chinese restaurants.  I picked
rice crackers from Hong Kong.
Tootsie Pops from the USA, Canadian maple leaf cookies
and did you know that granny smith apples were first
grown in Australia.  So much fun.
Pantry treats!  These are things from my pantry, extras that we 
aren't able to eat.  I bring them along and let the missionaries 
choose what they want or can use.  Works for me and they are pretty happy.
They usually find something there that they like.

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  1. I would like to partake of the pantry treats please! lol. Just kidding, I probably had my share when I was at Utah State.