Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Surrounding Hamlets

When we visit a new place, we look for anything
 unique or different.
This was unique, it was the Innisfail Legion Jet.
In front of the legion building for vets.
I like the maple leafs on the wings, very Canadian.

After district meeting we decided to see the surrounding hamlets,
there are several historical sights in the area.
This is a little Danish community, see the sign it says, "Velkommen".
Cute little guy holding the Danish flag, I like him!
He was in front of this little house/museum, we decided to take a look.
There were paintings on the walls.
Upstairs there was a room dedicated to Hans Christian Anderson,
full of fairy tales.
A little Hans history.
Little ceramic figurines.
On the main floor was a little restaurant, so we decided to have lunch
there.  We ordered a grilled cheese sandwich to share with a delicious
cucumber salad, just like my mom used to make.  Then we ordered 
dessert, or should I say desserts.  We had ebelskivers, I ordered rice 
pudding and Chris ordered the apple cake.  Very strange desserts,
probably the European influence, not very sweet, either of them.
Then we walked the grounds.  There were supposed to be acres and 
acres of gardens, but there were just signs pointing out different plants
 and trees.  But there were some other beautiful things.
A fun bridge,
and a well.
We came across these stacked rocks.
According to this post, this is called a stendysse, it's a viking burial site.

A little church in the pines, sort of.
Obviously I'm not the photographer in the family, I kind of botched
this picture of Chris.  Oops!

We walked the grounds and ended our little visit at this 
Danish hamlet.
Then we drove down the road to another museum type
place, we stopped for a quick picture, but we didn't go inside.
I think we discovered two new "world's largest",
ones the missionaries haven't even found yet.
This large wooden carved troll,
and this large milk jug in Markerville.
I love this one, I was really excited for our discovery.
Then we went to the Markerville Creamery, it has a museum and everything.
This is a little creepy.  A milk jug train.
Cool old delivery truck
and cute little creamery.
Then we bought ice cream cones.  I liked Chris' flavor better
than the one I chose, so he traded me.  What a guy!
This is the actual street sign, so cute, Creamery Way, I'd love
to live on this street.  The entire city consists of the creamery,
a small church and a couple of houses.  So quaint.
It was a wonderful day of new sights and discoveries.

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