Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Transfer Meeting

The elders keep getting taller and taller.
I gathered a few of them together just to get a look.   And these
are just the ones at transfer meeting.
I asked an elder to volunteer, just to demonstrate the actual height of their tallness.

 Then the packing and the repacking begins.
I am always amazed, where do they get these odds and ends?
Seriously, ninja sticks and potted flowers?
 Really?  Where are you going to put all this stuff?
Food I can understand, you buy it, you should take it with,
but flowers?  I'm just jealous, I can't grow flowers like this.
Someone's getting their exercise. 

This is a first, a bouncy ball, sent to one of our elders.
His family and friends signed it, stuck a label on it, threw a
postage stamp on it and shipped it off.
And it made it here!
Even though it's June, there's a storm brewin'.  
Big dark clouds coming our way.
Meet Elder Gardner and Elder Gardner!
The departing elders are packed and ready to go home. :(

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