Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zone Conference #2

Our second week of zone conferences started with interviews
at the Millwoods Stake building.
A few of our missionaires ride bikes, a very few, and this is the
first time I've seen them, so that's kind of exciting.  Beats walking!
At each of the six zone interviews, I set up my "olympic" rings
(they are actually frisbees, it's what I could find) I had to paint the
black one.  And I found the medal, it worked, and the flags again.
I made the flag colored donuts for each interview session, you can
see that they enjoyed them.
One thing I forgot, the sausage and hot mustard from Germany.
It was kind of tasty and hot.
The next day we met at the Riverbend Stake center for our next
combined zone conference.  And just before lunch they pitted
zone against zone in fishbowl.  Good luck!
Scriptures for 3 points, "sticks" on your heads to make it fair.

Elder's will try their hand at the cup stacking competition.
They had to stack the cups in a certain order, according to what's
written on the cups.  The first one to get them stacked correctly,

Hymns for 2 points, Alec (Jeopardy)

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