Friday, November 16, 2012


It's a sad day.   This date will go down in history.
Twinkies are no longer.  Hostess announced today that they will
 be closing their doors, for good.  The workers have been on strike
and I guess they couldn't work it out, or wouldn't.
Oh, the horror of it all.  No more Twinkie cakes at my open houses,
Ding Dong's, Ho Ho sparklers, soft white Wonder Bread.
What will we do!!!
I even bought these books years ago, and brought them all the way to 
Canada with me, hoping to make something special for the missionaries.
Too late now. 
I'll tuck these books away and share them with my Grandchildren.  I'll
 weave tales of days gone by, of times past when Twinkies were the 
snack food of choice. 

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