Friday, November 2, 2012

Up In The Air. . . .

Next trip on our Edmonton Adventure series. . . . 
Alberta Aviation Museum
It was a cold, cold day and so we took our adventure inside.

First on our stop was this awesome hot air balloon,
and this gorgeous painting of a plane.
They had taken the side panels off so you could see the luxurious 
seating accommodations.  (not on your life)  The seats look like
they're made from plastic buckets.  Couldn't pay me!
Canadian Airways Limited
Chris chooses this one to go up in.
Now this is curious, this poor guy didn't make it.  His plane went down
and this was all that was left.
The first cargo plane, well not really.
That's all going to fit in here?
 the red baron
Now this looks more my style, it looks kind of fun.  As long as I
didn't get too far off the ground.

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