Friday, November 30, 2012

The Creche

Third and final trip to the Sherwood Park creche display.
This year I was more intrigued by the mangers than the actual nativities.
I think every nativity needs a good manger.
This crystal one was exquisite.
I enjoyed this one carved out of wood.
The details on this unique one was fascinating,
just look at the three wise men.
This snowman one is sweet, I particularly love the angel and manger.
See, I told you.
And of course, there is nothing more precious than a "Precious Moment"
nativity complete with little bluebirds. 
This one represents the first nations of Canada.
The ones that include the entire village, really paints a vivid picture
of what it was like two thousand years ago.
Look at the detail with this one.
And this nativity is set up like a Christmas tree shape.
just plain weird,
and frosty.
I loved this beautiful quilted wall hanging, make a note to self
to work on something like this when I get home.
I've picked up a cute Canadian nativity to bring home, that 
makes a total of five nativities that we have, just up here, with us.

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