Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Want Candy!

My third and last year, to share in the awesomeness of the
 Dahl family chocolate dipping.
I was there early, earlier than most of the family.
And when I got there, the chocolate was melted, everything
was all set up and ready to go.
I got promoted to dipping, I started with nougat.  I had the cutest 
little dipping partners, 
we had such a fun visit.
I started out strong but got worse as I went along.  Oh well!
Chocolate thumbs up!
orange cream,
and cherries, oh, sweet cherries.
Things were just a hoppin', there were at least four different
flavors on this table alone.
And there were two tables, that brings us to eight kinds, and that
was just in the morning, then they start all over again after lunch.
That brings the total flavors to over sixteen.
Thank goodness, they can visit, the mouths seem to be attached to the
hands.  As long as the mouth is going, the hands keep dipping.

brown sugar
white peppermint and mint truffle.
This was so cute, these were the younger crowd, they start them,
unlike me, on the easier items to dip, these girls are doing caramels.
They have to start somewhere, right?  But the cute thing is the little
girls row on the right, see how crooked her dipping line is, compared
to the girl's on the left.  This made me smile.
By 10:00 AM they called out that we had dipped 2,000,
then 3,000, by lunch we had over 5,000.
cookies and cream,
I can't even begin to tell you the different flavors, there are 
just too many.
I was getting ready to leave for the day, when I spotted
Daniel.  He was so intent.  
All the little ones get one plate of chocolate and
as many pretzels as it will cover.
He was really into his dipping.  I took three different pictures
and he didn't even look up at me once.
Here's his work, pretty good, wouldn't you say?
More of the process
and dippers.
Chris is rolling truffles for Cindy's sister, apparently he's the best
when it comes to rolling truffles, they all want him on their dipping
These would make my mom smile, they are like little cherry mash
candy bars, cherry filling covered with chocolate and nuts.
On the right is the sweet lady in charge, Sister Dahl, she's been doing
 this most of her married life.  She's got it down to a science.
And Sister Gibb on the left, is trying to learn the ropes.
and more Chocolates, incredible, impressive,  awe-inspiring.
Watch out, next year, I'm starting my own legacy of chocolate dipping.

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