Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Group!

This is going to be interesting day.  First the flight was delayed 
by two hours, and this is bad why?  Well on many levels, first
it puts everyone and everything on hold, lunch, office missionaries,
assistants with the trailer.  Second, it puts us really behind, eating 
lunch, by the time we eat it's really close to dinner, interviews all get
pushed back, it takes President longer to get through with all the new 
missionaries and start the fireside, pushes all of our bedtimes back.  
So we get to the airport and sure enough what was supposed to be
a 11:14 AM arrival time has turned into a 12:45 PM arrival.
But, good news, they have landed and they are in customs.
A cute little couple that works in the Edmonton temple flew in 
with them, they were in the states visiting their children.  They
came out and told us that they were all safe and sound and that
they would be out shortly.  Well, we know by now that "shortly"
never happens.  They came out around 1:30,  I keep track.
Then, we found out last night that there would only be 14
instead of 15, one elder was being held at the MTC because
of a tooth ache.  So he would be sent out "shortly".

And this is our fine new group a couple of very tall elders and one cute
short sister.  I get these pictures from a wonderful panoramic function on my camera.
This is the procession of missionaries and their many pieces of luggage, heading towards the van.
Move em on, head em out!  
Loaded in, I hope we didn't forget anything.

  We are off to the stake center.
(the last three transfers, we've had to take the new missionaries
to the stake center, instead of the office, 
there is just no room for all of them)
Lunch was set up and ready when we got there.  Because of
the flight delay, we were able to drop the food off at the
stake center on our way to the airport.
Good old Canadian flavored chips, ketchup and all dressed.
I made lots of cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip, rolo chocolate
and peanut butter blossoms.  All very tasty.
After we fed them and got all of their paper work taken care of, 
we welcomed them to the mission home.
One of the elders came out with this treasured one dollar bill,
I've never seen one of these before.  It's a rare item indeed.
Someone back home gave it to him and told him to keep it in his
wallet for luck.  This has to be worth something.

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