Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chaos At The Airport

We had a crazy morning at the airport this morning.  The assistants
dropped the elders and their luggage off and we met them inside,
only to find this. . . . 
The computers were down, not necessarily a power outage, because as 
you can see all the lights were on, but even the parking ticket machines
weren't working this morning when we drove in.
You can see that none of the screens were working above the check-
in desks, and it was utter chaos.  They had airport and airline workers
trying to keep things in control.  They were checking with everyone
to see what airlines they were with, and then they were directing them
to the appropriate lines.
This was one of the lines, thankfully not the airlines we were with.
It went down the hall, almost to the luggage drop, curved and 
was coming back up the right side of the hall.
As you can see, the elders didn't care, they are going home!
They were supposed to be getting on the plane at around 6:00 AM,
they were just getting checked in about that time.  But we got them
through the line and on their way.  I think they all made it to their final destination, 
none of them came back.  (they even wavered the luggage fee, sweet!)

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