Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Early Departure

A brand new year, barely, and part of our transfer group is going
home, to get into school.  They fly home tomorrow, so we brought
them in on New Year's Day for interviews and farewell follies.
The temple was closed because of the holiday, so we had to forgo the
temple trip, we just stuck with visiting, eating and playing.
I had the missionaries that were going home fill out all their paper 
work while President did interviews.  Then we all fixed dinner.  It
was fun to be in the kitchen all together.  I'm working on making 
things easier, so a few months ago I made the decision to have a
pancake supper for the outgoing dinner, every time.  It's so hard
to prepare and get things ready to eat, as soon as we get back from
the temple.  So this way we throw some batter together, cook some
bacon, put out milk and orange juice and voila, you have supper.
Because we didn't have the temple, I threw in this breakfast
hash, with eggs, potatoes and peppers.  It was tasty, but I
wouldn't have it again.  Elder Albright took over the hash
for me and did a terrific job.  He's hired!
So to make it a little more special and interesting, I change up the
flavors and toppings.  For the November transfer I added pumpkin 
to half the batter and made pumpkin pancakes.  This time I had
flavored syrups, blueberry and raspberry, peanut butter and Nutella,
strawberries and whipped cream.  And of course, heated maple syrup.
Elders in the back, just waiting for the blessing.
While we were cooking in the kitchen, I had two of the elders 
put out some place mats, because the tablecloth was a little short.
This is what I got, at least they were creative.  I just meant to
put out one or two for people to sit at. 
And when all is said and done, and they're on their way home to
their families, I'm left with THIS!

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