Saturday, January 12, 2013

ZLC "Soup"er Bowl

"Soup"er bowl 101, all the basics of a great souper bowl lunch.
First you have to make a sheet cake look like a football field.
After it's frosted with a chocolate glaze you draw on the lines with
frosting, then mark the 50 yard line.
Then you put on the M & M's, representing football players, in a 
perfect offensive and defensive line up. 
Then add Cadbury eggs as the footballs in the corners.
field, footballs and players

add stripes to the balls to look like laces,
and a little grass and there you have it, a football field cake.
I made cold strawberry soup as a starter, put on crackers
and assorted colored napkins to represent football teams.
I wore my cupcake apron, so bright and perky.
I served milk along with water, milk goes well with hot soup.
And of course the soups, I made my favorite southwestern chili,
with tortilla chips, sour cream and cilantro dressing,
creamy chicken noodle and Patti's stew, yummy!

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