Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Incoming, More Chaos

Today started out as a normal day to welcome new missionaries,
but soon turn into a crazy day of chaos.  We arrived at the airport right
at 11:00 only to find out that the flight had been delayed by 1 hour.
So in the meantime, we walked around the airport, checked out this
cool new convenience store, just look at the choice of fine beverages.
So shiny!
After we welcome the 8 new elders from Salt Lake, we are supposed
to meet a new sister arriving from Quebec, she's coming straight from
home, missing the whole wonderful MTC experience.  But her
flight has been delayed too, by 30 minutes.

The elders finally arrived, a little late but in good spirits.  We welcomed
them all individually, then waited for the assistants to pull up with the 
van and trailer.  
 Our assistants, opening up the trailer.

We loaded them into the van and sent them off to the office, while we
waited for our little sister.
Because she's coming from Canada, we had to wait 
at a different gate, so we settled in my the Booster Juice
and the Christmas decorations.  We saw these last year 
when our kids arrived for the holidays. 
Now they are just waiting to pack up the deer and 
Christmas tree,
but not until I take a picture of President by it.

It was interesting waiting for our new sister, we really didn't
know what to expect and she didn't have a name tag yet, so
that didn't help.  We just looked for a sister, with a lost look.
And we found her, all 4 foot nothing of her.

What a morning, we made it through, but just barely.
Well, anyway, Welcome to Canada.

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