Sunday, January 27, 2013

Utah Snow

And this is back home in Utah.   This is what the kids
are having to deal with this winter.
Brad came out of church to find his car covered, and only
after a couple of hours.  The flakes are huge.
Heather took pictures one morning of our house, 
they really got slammed last night.  I know it's devastating
to them, but I find it breathtaking.  She said, "aren't you
glad you not in Utah", between you and me, oh yes
I wish I were there, to take in the magnificence.
There's nothing like the peaceful silence after a snowfall.
The snow is getting hard for them to shovel and throw
up on the heap.  This shows how deep it is getting just
from the regular snowfall.
This is Heather's car at their apartment.  This is from one storm.
That's a lot of snow.  Where to put it all.
She might clear it off her car, but she won't be able to pull 
out of her parking space.  It will be too deep.

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