Thursday, January 24, 2013


Time for interviews again.  We do interviews in January,
because we have our big Christmas conference in December
and there is not a lot of time to interview everyone while 
they're in town for the conference.
These are our Bonnie Doon Zone Leaders, sleeping on the job.
(actually, just waiting for us to finish up the last interview so they
can lock up the building and get back to work)
I did the infamous banana training.  Waited two years to do it again
because it went over so well the first time and had to wait until all the 
previous missionaries had gone home, so as not to repeat.
But surprisingly enough, my reputation preceded me, some of the elders
had seen the paper, shared with them by trainers or taped to the fridge.
Not bad, even if I do say so myself.
So, I share with each of them the "wonders" of a banana, then
they get to take a one to eat, because of all the healthy things 
that a banana has to offer.
Today I brought some chocolate chip banana bread, something
yummy to make when the bananas get too ripe.
I also brought along a plethora of goodies from my pantry,
got to get rid of it if I'm going to trim down.  Have to trim the pantry
down first.
This was posted on one of the bulletin boards in the building that we meet in, 
more wonderful works of service that our missionaries are involved with.
I liked this idea.   Missionaries serving from the ward,
with their address on the right, stapled to the board in bulk,
you just have to tear off an address, smart thinking!

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