Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day!

Today was Canada's holiday called "Canada Day" it's their
independence day, of sorts.  It landed on a Sunday so we just
went to church.  They sang O Canada for the opening song
and there were many stories and testimonies of their gratitude.
The bad thing for all those people that aren't members, it rained.
So the parade and activities at the park were all done in the rain.
Oh well, should be in church.
Fun with my blocks, eh?
But they did set off fireworks at Festival Place again.
So we watched them from our bedroom window.
I found some great Canadian things to take home from Canada Day.
See my cute little moose with the red scarf.
And more fireworks, 
just sit back and enjoy (sing patriotic songs if desired).

I kept adding props to set up my pictures.

Happy Birthday, Canada!
(just a note to anyone that's counting, this is our last Canada Day, here)

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  1. I'm counting!!! Woot woot! Next year you will be celebrating it here in Utah followed shortly by the 4th! I can't wait! P.S. I love your moose with the Canada scarf!