Monday, October 8, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

Today is Canada's Thanksgiving, in October, I know!
I didn't feel like making a turkey dinner, so Chris took me out for
one.  We went to a notable steak house in Sherwood Park.  They
make great steaks, but turkey dinner, not so good.  It was their special,
and it sounded good, but tasted nasty, I couldn't even eat it all of mine
because it tasted so bad.  The turkey was carved, no cut up and served
 with all the bones and gristle included, the dressing was so over seasoned
it was inedible and the potatoes weren't served with gravy on top,
just plain potatoes, and no yams, can't have Thanksgiving dinner with-
out yams, candied yams to be specific.  Next time, I'll just cook.

After dinner we welcomed Elder Smith into our home.  He is
heading home one week earlier than his group, so he can attend
 his best friend's wedding.

President interviewed Elder Smith and then I had him do his 
going home requirements for me, then the assistants got a phone call
and we all ran outside for a very pleasant surprise,
northern lights, just starting to dance.  Elder Smith said he had
gone his entire mission and had never seen them, but he always 
wanted to,  he was thrilled.
It was very cold outside,  but it was fun to watch them get 
stronger and stronger, 
and really start to dance.  What a blessing, this is our second time
seeing them this clearly.  Oh what a night!

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