Friday, October 5, 2012

Crystal Leaf Strikes Again

After zone leader council we decided to go for a little drive.
We wanted to get a picture of the "new and improved"
temple before the snow flies.  It was really good to 
see him behind a camera again.
This was great, he crawled up on the wall across the street,
 I handed him his camera, then I kept watch while he took
some shots of the temple.  This was the very best view.
He was so afraid that someone would see him.
He was just taking a picture, that's pretty innocent.
This was one I took with my camera, not bad.
Holiness to the Lord, with Angel Moroni
I liked this one through the tree branch.  

And here's the finished product, the picture that Chris took
and touched up.  (he added a few bushes in the front)
(this is the one taken, from on top of the wall)

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