Friday, October 12, 2012

Monument Of Women

Next stop, monument to women.
Now this I remember from our first visit here.
Joseph and Emma, he loved her so much.
"Women in Prayer"
This is such a tribute to women, makes me proud to be a part.
"First Steps"
A mother preparing her son for a mission, for life.

"Joyful Moment"
"In Her Mother's Footstep's"
"Teaching With Love"
And my personal favorite, quilting.  I love the way the quilt looks
so real, even made out of bronze.
These trumpet flowers are huge, I feel like I'm a tiny creature
 in a land of giants.

"Woman Learning"
They have their own Christus.
And this marvelous statue of Joseph Smith and 
the "first vision".

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  1. I love all those statues! My favorite is "In Her Mother's Footstep's" because it reminds me of me & you with Courtney.