Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nauvoo Temple Session

We had meetings in the morning and then walked over
to the temple for a very special session.
I snatched this picture on the way over to the temple, 
I love it, it really tells a story.
The temple president is from Salt Lake, President Condie,
he was the seventy that set me apart as a full time missionary.
He took us to a room next to the baptistry and talked about the
way the temple was built and all the sacrifices that were made.
There is a beautiful spiral staircase that goes from the main floor 
to the top floor, lots and lots of stairs.  I walked them twice by the time
I went down to the baptistry and up to get my temple clothes on, 
then down to the session, then back up to get dressed again.
We rode the elevator to meet up with our husbands in the chapel 
and when the doors opened a wonderful group of siblings got
off.  They were on their way to be sealed to their parents.
That got me started, then when we met up in the chapel, there
we were with all the mission presidents and their wives, dressed in
white and President Condie shared with us another story about 
Joseph Smith and that was it, I cried throughout the entire session.
It was very special, a once in a lifetime experience.
That night we were treated to another wonderful meal, very professional,
and all done by the members and senior missionaries.

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