Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Evening In Nauvoo

Before dinner, we walked around the temple, 
the view of the temple and the Mississippi River was breathtaking.
This is our second visit to Nauvoo and the temple,
 but it feels just like our first visit.
Everything feels so new and fresh to my mind.  It's like I'm seeing things
for the first time.
Even though it's October and all the flowers are dead and gone in 
Canada, the flowers surrounding the temple are still blooming.
This is a catholic church, next to the temple,
the trees make it very picturesque, just like a puzzle.
Hyrum and Joseph, taking "the last ride"
On the morning of June, 24, 1844. . . . .
Oh, if they'd only lived to see the temple's completion.

Can you believe the golden glow of the sunset?
On the temple,
off the temple,
by the bakery shop.
These flowers were around the "last ride" statue.

This lovely table and tasty dinner was waiting for us at the church,
and we throughly enjoyed it, as the sun softly set in the west.

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