Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy ZLC Halloween!

I love when there is a holiday in the month of ZLC, 
because then it's so much easier to plan the lunch menu.
It's Halloweeeeen!
So, of course the first thing I decided on was the dessert.
I made orange filled hostess and candy corn cupcakes.  Delish!
Chocolate covered pretzels
Doesn't matter what punch you serve, just dye it orange.
I served sloppy joes on orange buns, BBQ and All Dressed chips,
they're also orange, carrots and olives, very halloweenie.
Even if it doesn't look like Halloween things, you just add clever names.
They played fish bowl before lunch.
A lot of conference questions, it was great.
scripture chase
Lunch, after I added the tags.

Everyone got a little trick or treat bag,
with treats,
but no tricks.
these boots were silly shiny
This is what I put in the treat bags, it was kind of fun.

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