Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Halloween!

Time to deck the halls, oh sorry, wrong holiday.  But I'm still
going to creep the halls, time to put out the Halloween decorations.
 Gotta love it!

Even the store fronts are into it.  Love Linus and Snoopy, waiting
in the pumpkin patch, for the great pumpkin.  The cupcake doesn't 
sound too bad either.
I told Chris I wasn't going to buy anything new this year,
because I'd just have to pack it up and take it home,  but don't you
love the spiderweb table cloth?  Me too!
I love the orange charger, I'm going to look into those for next year.
Spooky aprons for cooking
pictures of our little ones, from years gone by.
found this really sophisticated mask, for a dollar.
Taking it home to Courtney.
And my village, my lovely, horrible, frightening village.
Breaking it down so you can see the details.

the pumpkin patch, it doesn't all have to be scary.
Except the graveyard, it has to be scary.
I put my crafty skills to work, not!  I bought the wreath and ribbon
a year ago and this year I just twisted the ribbon around the wreath, 
tied a bow and voila, not to shabby for my simple talents.

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